Dating app profiles: the gateway to you

Though we share a lot of information in what may seem a simple overview of our personality, careers and interests, within one dating app profile, a scammer, catfish, or hacker can unearth a wealth of information that can be used for malicious purposes.

We’ve broken down exactly what can be revealed from some of the most basic profile components.

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Image icon

All eyes on you

Consider who you'd really like to see your photographs and only share those you wouldn’t mind seeing out of context. Photographs could be leaked further than you expect, paving the way for image-based abuse.

Information icon

Highly valuable data available here

It’s unwise to reveal your job title and where you work. Sharing such info could make you a target for hackers seeking private corporate information that they assume is available to you.

Identity icon

Who are you?

There is a risk of ‘catfishing’ on dating apps, so it’s important to be wary about trusting people before you have confirmed who they really are via video call.

Location icon

I know where you live

Sharing location details could enable someone to calculate your exact position through triangulation and spoofing programmes.